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Resch Insurance and White Insurance

At Resch Insurance and White Insurance, we understand that your insurance needs are as unique as you are and we
pride ourselves on our old fashion roots of getting to know each client and working with you to
determine which coverage is best for you. We have access to a variety of carriers to help
determine which can offer you the best coverage for the best premium. Contact us today to
discuss the coverage you may need to protect the things you value most.

Featured Products

Home Insurance

If you own a house, your home isn’t just space where you relax and rest. It’s also one of the most valuable assets you’re likely to own. For most people, a house is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. 

Auto Insurance

From accidents caused by slippery roadways to parking lot fender benders, the risks facing WI drivers are many. At Resch Insurance and White Insurance, we take a consultative approach to insurance.


Personal Umbrella Liability is one of the most commonly overlooked policies, but in the case of a catastrophic financial event, it could be the best line of defense you’ll ever have.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

The thrill of adventure – it’s what owning a recreational vehicle is all about. Whatever your interest, be it cruising on your motorcycle or exploring the road less traveled on your ATV…


No matter what business you’re in, each workday is dedicated to doing your job well and providing your customers with the best service possible. Resch Insurance and White Insurance would like to return the favor by giving you the coverage you need to ensure the security of your business.

Farm Insurance

Whether you’re a local grower or a large cultivator, we understand the value of insuring your greatest asset. At Resch Insurance and White Insurance, we’re dedicated to providing the agricultural coverage and services you need to keep your farm or ranch protected – so you can focus on maintaining a smooth operation.

Health Insurance

Like Life Insurance, Health Insurance is a valuable asset when it comes to safeguarding you and your family. Having proper health coverage will protect you from financial hardships that could arise if you or a family member are ever sick or injured and can’t work. For businesses, having the right health benefit package….

Life Insurance

Your family is your responsibility and your life, and there’s nothing better than watching them succeed and sharing in their ambitions, dreams, and conquests. But should something unexpected happen to you, you’ll want to be prepared for providing the assurance your family needs to keep their futures safe and sound. 

Find out what sets us apart from the other guys.

Home and Auto Insurance in Birnamwood, WI

Resch Insurance and White Insurance

We’re a family-owned and operated agency located in Birnamwood, Wisconsin and we deliver insurance and risk management solutions.  We’ve served individuals and businesses for more than 60 years and we believe in giving clients the best products and services possible.  We’re part of tightly-knit communities and as a result, we’re neighbors serving neighbors.  This makes it easy to know the client’s needs and to meet their needs.  We educate ourselves about our industry and about the people and the businesses that we serve.  As a result, we provide the insurance that’s needed for the right prices.

Products and Services

We offer a wide variety of insurance options, and we tailor each of these options to individual clients.  Home, auto, life, and recreational vehicle policies are among our personal options, and we have a business program that keeps virtually any commercial enterprise in Wisconsin secure.  The business program is one of many of our commercial options.

Our policy options for specific industries, like our business program, keep almost any commercial enterprise protected.  Among these options are church and vendor/exhibitor policies.  If you run a religious organization or if you sell a product, we can help you.  Also, we have a farm program.  This program gives farmers and agribusiness owners in The Badger State the opportunities that they need in order to stay secure and to run operations smoothly.

To learn more about our options, see our products page.  We combine policies whenever possible, and we’ll combine policies for you if we can.  Speak with an agent to get more information about your combination options.

How we do Business

We always do what’s right for our clients, and this ensures not only that we’re never wrong but that our clients stay protected in cost-efficient ways.  We make house calls if needed and we communicate regularly with clients so that clients always have information that’s necessary.  We work closely with clients in order to create the best possible solutions, and once the solutions that we create are in place we monitor them regularly.

We manage risk and claims and we’re reachable at almost any time.  Being reachable whenever clients want or need to get a hold of us makes it easy for clients to acquire the knowledge that they must in order to make the best decisions.

We welcome any opportunity to tell you more about our agency.  Please contact us or give us a call to learn more.  You can request a quote if you’re ready to get started.

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